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      Financial Planning

      Plan for success.
      Adapt to achieve it.

      Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud provides everything you need to enable an active financial planning process, making it possible to create more collaborative, comprehensive, and continuous financial plans.

      Switch between planning scenarios at any level of the organization.

      Easily view, enter, and update plan data.

      Understand your numbers by building charts on the fly.

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      Plan anything, across the business.

      From budgeting expenses to forecasting revenue, Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud allows you to build strategic plans for all types of planning scenarios.

      • Enable continuous planning and rolling forecasts with integrated, driver-based scenarios.
      • Give business users the power to create planning models with confidence.
      • Plan each aspect of your business using a different timescale.
      • Quickly understand your model with a graphical representation that dynamically updates.
      • Proactively manage change, model business outcomes, analyze variances, and course-correct at the pace your business demands. 

      Drive better collaboration.

      Enable more effective business collaboration with a planning experience that is easy and fast.

      • Manage and assign tasks and track progress at the individual or cross-functional level.
      • Easily create step-by-step guides for your users to participate in the planning process.
      • Ensure a productive planning process with a familiar spreadsheet experience.
      • Increase visibility and add context for users through shared comments, assumptions, and audit trail capabilities.

      Connect to any data source.

      Take your planning to the next level with tightly integrated source data from Workday and other systems.

      • Populate your planning models using the latest source data to ensure a continuous planning process.
      • Connect to a wide range of cloud and on-premise solutions, custom applications, and data warehouse domains. 
      • Automate data flows to provide consistent and reliable data access.



      Accelerate decision-making.

      Take control with self-service reporting and analytics to help you monitor, communicate, and drive business performance.

      • Create the full portfolio of reports–management, board, financial statements, and ad hoc reports in a snap.
      • Deploy easy-to-use dashboards and reporting to gauge performance, conduct variance analysis, and respond to what’s going on in the business. 
      • Deliver compelling presentations with real-time data directly from dashboards.
      • Save time by connecting your planning data directly to Microsoft? Excel, PowerPoint, and Word to update financial and operational reports.