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      Plan your workforce with agility and confidence.

      Create effective hiring plans, identify gaps, and align with business goals. Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud gives your organization all the tools needed to build dynamic workforce plans.

      Strategic Workforce Planning Software

      Quickly visualize the cost of your workforce.

      Switch between planning scenarios at any organization level.

      Instantly drill down into transaction details.

      Model your ideal workforce.

      Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud enables you to optimize your workforce structure and quickly adapt to changing requirements.

      • Model transfers, planned hires, and attrition to get an accurate picture of your workforce.
      • Plan with a flexible, multidimensional view that maps to your business.
      • Compare multiple driver-based, what-if scenarios to create optimal workforce plans.
      • Incorporate global and localized business drivers into your forecasts.

      Build better plans, together.

      Foster collaboration and transparency among finance, HR, and hiring managers.

      • Equip managers with self-service tools to map hiring strategies with their business plans.
      • Share plans with business leaders and people managers to get their feedback and buy-in.
      • Plan using a familiar spreadsheet experience.
      • Compare plan to actuals and identify ways to course-correct as a team.

      Keep everyone on track.

      Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud gives you the tools to manage the people, processes, and accountability of everyone involved in the planning process.

      • Assign, manage, and track planning tasks at the individual or cross-functional level.
      • Share notes and comments in planning cells to spur collaboration.
      • Allow managers to review and approve budgets and plans with built-in workflows. 


      Seamlessly integrate data from any source.

      Enrich your planning cycles by automatically integrating transactional data from any source system.

      • Plan, analyze, and report using data from Workday and other HCM, CRM, and ERP systems.
      • Rely on continuous data feeds for an exact picture of your workforce. 
      • Leverage open APIs and a robust integration framework to easily manage integrations.

      Analyze and adapt.

      Quickly identify opportunities to better align with workforce changes in your business.

      • Create interactive dashboards and visualizations to monitor and drive business performance.
      • Connect your planning data to Microsoft Excel?, PowerPoint, and Word to update reports.
      • Evaluate costs, see unfilled positions, and break down the composition of your workforce.
      • Analyze coverage and close talent gaps so you can meet your goals.