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      Adapt to an ever-changing industry and boost efficiency with streamlined operations. Implement new business models and service lines. Nurture the right talent to provide superior patient care. And navigate mergers and acquisitions with ease. Our powerful, intuitive applications support you in all of this and more.

      Many of today’s leading healthcare organizations use Workday.
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      Keep your organization in good health.

      Attract and onboard clinical staff faster. Workday lets you manage the full hire-to-retire lifecycle, track a range of clinical competencies, and gain visibility into employee and staffing information.

      Plus, when you bring accounting, consolidation, planning, reporting, and analytics into one financial management system, you gain the foundation needed for transactional efficiency and control.

      Your supply chain leaders can make better decisions with detailed data on spend, contracting, and utilization. And you can get a full view of your organization’s health.

      With Workday, you can:

      • Focus more on clinical initiatives and patient care by streamlining operations
      • Adapt quickly to growth and change
      • Attract, develop, and retain the best talent for patient care
      • Enhance visibility, standardization, and compliance


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      Applications for healthcare.

      Workday brings finance, HR, payroll, and supply chain into a single agile system. Our applications are built to meet your unique needs.

      Business Planning

      Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud provides everything you need to plan and adapt continuously.

      • Financial Planning
      • Workforce Planning
      Financial Management

      Get a complete range of financial tools, real-time business insights, and fully auditable business processes.

      • Accounting and Finance
      • Audit and Internal Controls
      • Global Foundation
      • Reporting and Analytics
      • Consolidate and Close
      • Financial Planning
      • Expenses
      • Projects
      • Grants Management
      Human Capital Management

      Organize, staff, pay, and develop your workforce. Workday is designed to adapt as your healthcare organization evolves.

      • Human Resource Management
      • Reporting and Analytics
      • Global Compliance
      • Audit and Internal Controls
      • Workforce Planning
      • Recruiting
      • Talent Management
      • Learning
      • Compensation
      • Benefits
      • Payroll Management
      • Time and Absence
      • Expenses
      Prism Analytics

      Bring together all of the data you need to empower your organization. Workday Prism Analytics provides self-service tools to securely generate and share insights, all within Workday.

      • Data Discovery
      • Data Preparation
      • Data Management
      Supply Chain Management

      Streamline replenishment, increase purchasing compliance, and strategically manage your supply chain.

      • Procurement
      • Inventory
      • Reporting and Analytics
      Workday Value Estimator

      How much could your organization save with Workday?

      At Workday, we help healthcare organizations increase efficiency and reduce cost. But don’t just take our word for it.

      Try the Workday Value Estimator to see for yourself. Using your input and data from similar Workday customers, the tool projects how much money your organization could save each year.


      The world’s leading organizations trust Workday as their enterprise cloud suite, supporting breakthrough results in finance and HR across a wide range of challenges and industries.

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      If we can learn from Workday to solve some of healthcare’s problems the way Workday has solved some of the ERP problems, we all benefit.

      Chris Pass

      SVP, Chief Financial Officer, John Muir Health