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      Ready to
      transform IT?

      Workday delivers a proven cloud ERP system with agility and intelligence built in. When you’re ready to move to the cloud, we’ll partner with you to make it happen.


      Move faster with the Power of One.

      Plan, execute, and analyze in one system. With the Power of One, everyone in your organization can access real-time data to make sound decisions, fast.

      What’s behind our core technology.
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      Plan, execute, and analyze, better than ever with Adaptive Insights.
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      Deliver more intelligent

      Machine learning and artificial intelligence are core to our technology. Combine those capabilities with the power of data and you get more personalization, deeper insights, and better predictions.

      How Workday Gives You a Single Source for Data.
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      How Machine Learning Works in our Technology
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      Focus on innovation,
      not risk.

      With Workday, your data and processes are protected 24/7 in the cloud—so you can spend less time managing security, and more time on strategic matters.

      Our approach to security and trust.
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      The advantages of a single security model.
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      Transform with emerging technology.

      We continually research and invest in new technology. From augmented reality to blockchain and more, our teams work to deliver tools that truly impact your business.

      Our emerging innovation in Workday Labs.
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      The impact of blockchain on HR & the future of work.?
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      Extend Workday to work the way you do.

      Build, test, and deliver new applications using our platform. With the Workday Cloud Platform, you can create new experiences while taking advantage of the power of our technology.

      What you can do with the Workday Cloud Platform.
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      Why we’re opening up our cloud platform.
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      See how our technology is designed to be different.