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      Tackle your biggest HR challenges.

      HR leaders in large, global enterprises are at the center of a perfect storm of demographic, regulatory, and technology shifts. Browse through our resources below to learn how you can help your organization adapt.

      Effortlessly navigate change.

      When it comes to supporting evolving business objectives, you need more than just new technology. You need a blueprint for change to shift how your people and processes work.

      The CHRO blueprint to navigating disruption.
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      Global HR transformations: how five industry giants entered the digital age.
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      Make the most of your data.

      Workforce analytics has value that extends far past HR. But to realize its full value, you must know what questions to ask, what data to gather, and how to make it actionable.

      Developing people analytics capabilities.
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      Data literacy for HR: a practical guide.
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      Win over top talent.

      Competition for talent and employee expectations are making it harder to attract and retain the best people. By evolving how you engage candidates and develop employees, you gain a distinct advantage.

      What successful recruiting looks like today.
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      Engaging and retaining top talent.
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      Inclusion is good for business.

      Companies with a culture of high trust, high diversity, and high engagement outperform those lacking these traits. Given this data, HR leaders need to prioritize culture initiatives across the organization.

      Engaging the workforce across generations.
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      The power of diversity and inclusion.
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      Workday Human Capital Management transforms your business.