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      Lay the groundwork for success.

      Constant change, fierce competition, shifting employee needs—the challenges facing today’s growth organizations are by no means medium in size. With Workday, you get the right technology foundation and a partner to solve your biggest challenges.

      Watch the video to learn how we support you, and explore more resources below for insights into today’s top HR trends.

      Get the basics right.

      To do the basics and do them well, you need a strong HR core and sound processes to help you eliminate administrative burdens and increase productivity.

      Ten steps for an effective plan-recruit-onboard process.
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      Bring your hire-to-pay processes together.
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      Make analytics your greatest strength.

      Succeeding in the new world of work means knowing how to put your people data to work. Through AI and machine learning, you can get answers to all your HR questions and uncover new opportunities.

      Five steps to better people analytics.
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      Master the basics for HR reporting and analytics.
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      Meet your employees where they are.

      Engage your people to make the most of every day. With sound practices and the right tools, you can deliver an experience that inspires your people at every career stage.

      Forrester study: Agile Performance Management at Medium Enterprises.
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      How to retain employees as your company scales.
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      Realize immediate value.

      To reap all the benefits of  your HR technology, you need to get up and running fast—making it more important than ever to choose the right system and technology partner.

      The essential HCM buyer’s guide.
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      How to plan for a successful HCM deployment.
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      Workday is designed to help you lay a foundation for success.